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Welcome to Pitched.co.za, an online Campsite Directory in South Africa. Camping in South Africa is a favourite among many young and old. Its a great way to get out and explore the country, relax and have a braai nearly every night. From popular camping resorts to your secret camping spots, we want to hear your stories and list your campsite…share the love of camping.

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Greyton EcoCamp

Riverside camping and caravan park in the heart of nature

mapMarkerGrey Greyton EcoCamp and Caravan Pa...

SunEden Naturist Resort

Family Naturist Resort

mapMarkerGrey Plot 38 1st Street Kloppersbox...

Airstream Trailer Park with a Difference

Luxury tented camping at Old Mac Daddy

mapMarkerGrey Old Mac Daddy, South Africa...

Gecko Rock

Private Nature Reserve


Vaalwater Rivieroord

Camping and Caravan stands

mapMarkerGrey Vaalwater Rivier Oord, Vaalwat...

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Why list on Pitched.co.za

  Why list on Pitched.co.za       Well there a number of reasons you should want to list on Pitched. The site has a number of features to help you promote your business and create leads to your resort, campsite or tented camp. The site is designed to be as self sufficient as possible. […]

Luxury Tented Camps in Bela Bela

Thaba Pitsi Safari Lodge The quietness of this 1000 Ha wildlife sanctuary gives you the best option of escaping that stressful city life. Thaba Pitsi is a place of tranquility and peace that offers visitors an incredible African experience with a beautiful setting and a wide variety of wildlife. Thaba Pitsi Safari Lodge is just […]

Luxury Tented Camps Western Cape

AfriCamps at Pat Busch Where: Pat Busch Mountain Reserve About: One of many luxury tented camps western cape has to offer. This is an awesome destination due to the availability of a wide range of birdlife, streams, mountain dams, and wildlife such as leopards, fallow deer, bucks, and nguni cows. The spacious open plan area […]

Easy Oxtail Potjie Recipe

This traditional South African oxtail potjie is a staple in kitchens all around the country. If you’ve never had one before you will soon experience this culinary delight! A potjie (pronounced ‘poy-key’) is a black, cast iron pot with three legs used to cook stews inside, over an open fire. The cooking techniques and culture […]

How To Clean A Potjie Pot

Not sure how to clean and prepare for your potjie’s first use? There are many different methods and ideas about the cleaning for first use and the maintenance and cleaning of thereafter .

Camping Western Cape – 5 Sensational Camping Sites You Need to Visit

Taking a break from daily routines is a great thing to do. The question is, what do you do when you take such a break from work? There are a wide range of activities that people carry out during holidays which include camping and traveling. Camping is a great option because it takes you to […]

8 Luxury Tented Camps in South Africa

Once in a while you need to rejuvenate yourself by escaping the monotony of life. Working routine can be boring at times especially if you do the same thing on a daily basis. Which is the best way to enjoy life outside everyday routine? Mother Nature is inspiring because it creates an atmosphere that allows […]

Your Top Camping Shower Reviews

So your planning a completely off grid camping experience, and looking for a decent camping shower. Some may rough it and go without, while others may prefer to clean up. Camping is not all rest and relax, the initial pack, drive,  hike and camp setup is hard work. What Ive come to realize is, we are […]